Monday, April 27, 2009


At last, a musician who really blogs! Just a wee bit in love with her >>

So sick of being sick. Feels like brain is coated with mucus and can't think properly. On another note two shifts off work allowed me to finish Ocarina of Time. Take that Ganondorf! At the risk of running into some fucked paheal images on Google, here is the badass..

"Great Deku Tree - The Great Deku Tree has been keeping a big secret from all the little faeries in Kokiri. It has been revealed that the Great Deku Tree is actually Pedobear in disguise. It is a well known secret that teh Great Deku Tree lied about the curse just so it can has Link all for himself."

Tomorrow I hit the streets to interview buskers for a new piece I'm doing for Merge magazine. I think I'll need to be drunk. Mmmm, avo and toast noms.

Normally I am an elusive Facebook-er. I do not add those I do not know. But upon stumbling across John Birmingham's profile last year, aka the author of "He Died With a Felafel in His Hand," a book that changed my writing style forevermore, my mouse cursor immediately went to add him. So the other night, guess who crops up in my Facebook chat. What the hell.

Enter Miranda fangirl mode.

M: "Hi, I just wanted to say that you've been very influential to me as a writer for the past four years and I loved your book."
J: "Thanks!"

J then dashed off to attend to a bed-wetting infant, murmering slurs of Napisan and late nights. Next day I get a friendly e-mail informing me that a complete bed change at 3.44 was the go. Regardless that the context was about weak badder control, totally fucking chuffed. I love him. Read his blog via the link to your left and up a bit --->

All these amazing writers popping up in my circuit has made we want to go to this in Syd-er-nee: Someone come with and we'll party.

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Spoz said...

I'd like to lay claim to Douglas Addams of "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" as my biggest writing influence.. as quite frankly I've never read a single written word of either Hunter S Thompson or Lester Bangs which everyone else probably thinks I'm inspired by (and yes I'm a little embarassed by that).

Gotta read that Falafel book tho' peeps have said good shit about it.