Monday, May 4, 2009


Anyone who has been to our house before will know that we have a few computers lying about the place hooked up to the net. So rather than yelling across the hall to make Eleanor get me a snack, a Facebook message will usually suffice. Pretty much a domestic communication WIN. says:
all im left with is some flavourless shit with 3 year old corn called "italian minestrone" says:
h8 u says:
hahahahaahahhahahahaha says:
are you fucking eating that says:
yes you cunthole says:
go back to your room and keep away frm my soup says:
hahahshd says:
my soup says:
i really misjudged my aim while putting it in the mug. there is powdered italian all over my shirt

Oh I love being Gen Y.


Spoz said...

it's the labels you posted on this blog that disturb me the most..


this is me on the cusp of both Gen X and Y rolling my eyes at you..

Miranda said...

you love it newb.