Monday, December 21, 2009


This is one of the most unbelievable films I've ever seen - James Cameron's Avatar.

And given I'm still trying to erase from memory the 'New Moon' I downloaded the other day, it's a good thing my brain has been renourished with some filming excellency such as this. Not only was it visually stunning, not to mention hugely costly given that it had been filmed with three-dimensional fitted cameras, and the mindblowing CGI, I won't hear a word on the plot being 'predictable' and 'rubbish'.

It was supposed to be G-rated, which I think lots of people are forgetting. Or perhaps their expectations were too high given James Cameron's back catalogue of works. Personally, I found no problem with the romantic subplots or the happy ending, given that when I watched it in 3D there were an entire row of 7-year-old kids sitting next to me. I don't think an ending of Na'Vi slaughetering and the humans succeeding in destroying Pandora would be a) a terribly good message to send out to the future generations and b) much of a 'family film' viewing content.

I found the plot was hugely relevant in its anti-coloniasm and bringing to light the importance of nature and existing on a planet in an environmentally friendly way. How many films can leave its audience with a converse outcome and make you side with the aliens rather than the humans? Not to mention the idea of the Na'Vi being genetically modified to be able to tap energy from their surroundings through their bodies, rather than relying on machinery like humans do.

Godamm, I was impressed by this movie..... if you haven't seen it in the cinemas, I suggest you do so right away so you too can walk away gaping in awe. So awesome!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Clearing out 'ma iPod.

Let's just say I'm never going to make the woeful mistake of buying an iPod off ebay ever again. Six months later I'm still trawling through my iTunes deleting sonic shittery like:

Korn, Klubbheads, Garbage, Limp BiSkit (sic), P.O.D. (um, they released an entire album? seriously?), Pigface, The Porkers, Rancid, and, jesus fuck Rogue Traders, plus an abundance of random emo/ska bands. Not to mention the 350mb of porn I found in the video section when the thing first got mailed to me...

Oh Internet, thou hast scorned me.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

american apparel

Soooo. Whilst doing a little online shopping I came across an extroadinary revelation about American Apparel.

There's a reason why this shit is so popular, and it all boils down to their ever so clever marketing scheme. It's basically, like, softcore porn. They have these chicks with tousled hair and Erkle glasses, perched in a pair of undies rearing their backs in the air with a pair of "designer" socks thrown on to render it a "fashion advertisement". I knew there was a reason I try to hide my newly-acquired Vice when I got on the bus - so the old nanna's sitting down wouldn't be shocked into heart palpitatin' by the slutty American Apparel imagery on the back of its cover.

So, like, you'd think putting a chick with her outer labia basically hanging out of a satin bikini on a magazine cover is un peu risque - until you check out the WEBSITE.

Holy shit!!!

Holy shit!!!

Holy shit!!!

I came on here to get some socks, American Apparel, and you've left me feeling dirty. Dirty, and ashamed. With some killer feetwear!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Just to kill some time before I go to a staff meeting at the Ed Castle. Yes, I've reduced myself to the mouldy, pubic hair stuck in the grates of the hospitality plughole and submitted myself to the position of glassy. Ah well, at least there's no grease trap cleaning involved plus the ever wonderful promise of hella ca$h.

But until hella ca$h arrives, my poor jeans, which have two rips that seem to grow bigger with each wear, will have to last out. Which means borderline ass for street-strollers behind me.

Now behold THIS... endless entertainment for any English student / geek: Scribblenauts. God fucking damn I love this game.

So that's about it's time to intervene with the stereo downstairs. Mum is cranking the Christmas Carols already. It's the 8th of December. I've got three more weeks of this 20th-century-modern-"hip"-tale of Rudolph the Rednosed reindeer shit.