Tuesday, December 15, 2009

american apparel

Soooo. Whilst doing a little online shopping I came across an extroadinary revelation about American Apparel.

There's a reason why this shit is so popular, and it all boils down to their ever so clever marketing scheme. It's basically, like, softcore porn. They have these chicks with tousled hair and Erkle glasses, perched in a pair of undies rearing their backs in the air with a pair of "designer" socks thrown on to render it a "fashion advertisement". I knew there was a reason I try to hide my newly-acquired Vice when I got on the bus - so the old nanna's sitting down wouldn't be shocked into heart palpitatin' by the slutty American Apparel imagery on the back of its cover.

So, like, you'd think putting a chick with her outer labia basically hanging out of a satin bikini on a magazine cover is un peu risque - until you check out the WEBSITE.

Holy shit!!!

Holy shit!!!

Holy shit!!!

I came on here to get some socks, American Apparel, and you've left me feeling dirty. Dirty, and ashamed. With some killer feetwear!


Penmonicus said...

I love the part on the last one that says "COMING SOON: -NUDE".

Does that mean they'll release on that doesn't have seams?

PS. my captcha for this post is "arseco". That is awesome.

Miranda said...

mine is "eringstr".

Curious isn't it..

Anonymous said...

Mine is "kiputhst". :O